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  • After 274 years, Independence to Interdependence?
After 274 years, Independence to Interdependence?

The following is taken from page 365 of George Whitefield’s Journals, A new edition containing fuller material than any hitherto published.

Published by THE BANNER OF TRUTH TRUST, 3 Murrayfield Rd, Edinburgh, EH12 6EL and PO Box 621 Carlisle, Pennsylvania 17013, USA

Joppa, Tuesday, Dec. 4, {1739} Set out about eight in the morning {from North East, Maryland}, and took leave of two dear friends, who parted from us with weeping eyes. Baited at Joppa, a little town about fifteen miles from the place where we lay. I gave a word of exhortation to about forty people in the church.  Oh, that the Holy Ghost may fall on all them who heard the Word, in a real though not so visibly miraculous a manner as it did once on Cornelius and his household! There is scarcely any town work mentioning, because almost every planter has a landing-place, from which he exports his tobacco at his own house, which generally lies very near the river.  By this means the people are much dispersed, and consequently cannot be gathered together without much previous notice, which notwithstanding is difficult to be given, because there are many large ferries between place and place.  I trust the time will come when God will visit these dark corners of the earth.